Activities for Young Lesbian and Gay People

Sometimes finding company in a homophobic society can be difficult. This is why there are many activities available for you if you are living in New York City. There are many places that are exclusive to gay and lesbian people or are primarily meant for them. One of the best places to hang out with young gay or lesbian people is Upright Citizens brigade, where you have different people who have no problem with the way you are. It is an improvisation show that has many people celebrities from shows like 30 Rock or Saturday Night Live. There are many other activities available as well. Drag Queen Bingo is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Monday nights will definitely be more lively and you are in for evening of fun and excitement.

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center is also an excellent place if you want to spend more time with people. You can find excellent company, conversation and snacks. The entry is open to everybody and the entry fee is of only $5.

Most of these are organized by people from the Non-Scene Gay 20- Somethings of NYC. This organization is specially for homosexuals, transgenders and bisexuals. There are many other events that are also organized by this organization. This organization helps you meet people, explore the city and on the whole simply enjoy yourself without feeling out of place. If you feel that you need help or want to help people then you can always go to the special services group. There are groups even for families to help them understand you. Sometimes you need a healthy environment to even understand yourself. These organizations and centers do exactly this. There are many PFLAG centers as well for families to help people like you be accepted but more importantly understood by our family.

If you want to help educate people or help people, you can join groups that educate the LGBT community about sexually transmitted diseases among other things. It is a scientifically proven fact that most people in the LGBT Community suffer from STDs because of lack of information. If you want to just enjoy yourself you can always visit places like the Queens Pride House which holds many events mainly for the LGBT Community. Being a part of this community is much easier in New York City than compared in most other cities and states. You can join many workshops to gain information or give information as well. You can join many groups that help you in meeting many other people, have a get together and enjoy good company on the whole. These activities are for your leisure and for your enjoyment. Over here, you need not feel out of place or different. You can fit right in and enjoy yourself to the fullest. You can feel good about yourself by helping others. There are so many activities that you can be a part of that you will no longer worry about finding company and fitting in.

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